Dans Sunday Birthday

This past Sunday we had Ward Conference. My family came to visit us at church because mom had to speak and dad had meetings. Well after church and all the meetings were done I took Angela and Kathryn to our house. It was Dans Birthday! They played Sims2 on our computer. Kathryn and I made Mac and Cheese and Dan made veggies for lunch. We then took them home and we went to Dan's parents for his birthday dinner with his family. We had a great time and a good day!

Gracies new cage

Dan and I got tired of the old cage gracie had. She was making messes with the bedding by kicking it all over the floor. We decided to get a glass tank. So far I think she likes it and if gracie (our hampster) dies Dan said he could get a lizard to put in this cage that we got. I hope we don't get a lizard, but i guess you never know.


Valentines Day Date

We went to Back Bay for some Sea Food! It was so good! We had a great time!


My Baby Ultrasound Picture

I thought you might like the picture. The baby is in the middle (you can see the head). I was 10 weeks and 6 days, (11 weeks) the baby is only 3 centimeters long and has fully developed everything. Can you imagine how small the tongue is?
When we were at the doctors office we saw the baby playing with the yoke and moving like crazy. We also heard the heart beat and WOW it was strong! The due date was for Sept. 5th 2009. Dan and I are both excited and nervous.


Valentines Day!

This weekend will be Valentines Day. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day. May you have good times, great dinner's, and a Romantic weekend together. May all the women get all the cards, chocolate, and flowers they want! May all the men get all the cards, and food they want as well. Have a great day and a great weekend! Wish you all the best!

Dan's 2 hour hair cut and our first fishing trip of the year!

You will never believe this but I watch this hair cutting DVD 2-3 times in a row, once in spanish. I wanted to get it down right and not mess up this time. I tried to cut Dans hair again for my 3rd effort try this last Saturday, and no kidding, it took me a good two hours. You can imagine how Dan was feeling by the first hour and only half way done. hee! hee! Any how, I am a perfectionist when it comes to things like this, and I had to have it done right! I think this time I did a much better job on it and wanted to see your thoughts! It's not perfect, but it's better then the second time I did it. oh and I did cut both his ears on the top tips. oops!

Anyways, once I was done with that we got ready and went for a drive down to Valley Falls to fish for our first time this year. We got our licence's and bate and went all out. When we got there the lake was frozen and farther down the road it was closed for the winter. We continued down to Tygrat Lake and tried our fishing there instead. Of course we didn't catch anything this time, it might be too early.
We plan on taking a camping trip very soon though for Dans Birthday. It will be sometime this month. We are going to try out our new camping gear we got for Christmas and maybe try some fishing. Hopefully we will have more luck this time. We shall keep you posted on more details.

Eating out with the family