My Child Care Class-2 yr olds

there is a new kid in town(Zi'ar)that I want to show. they are all krazy!

These are my children I teach at the child care center (Thats right, I am the teacher)! They look cute but that can be decieving!! We have fun though! I will try and teach them all I know and can!


Narnia Part II

all of us got together on a saturday night and saw the 2nd Narnia movie. we had a blast together being with family.



Dans dad had a Bee's Conference in Jackson County Fairgrounds. Dans mom went with him to meet up with Dan and I. We all met at the fairgrounds and got to tour the Wars and Myths of Point Pleasent while dad was at this conference. This first picture is when we took a brake by the Kanawha River and saw a bardge going through a lock. The 2nd picture was a statue of Chief Cornstock and General Lewis reminding people of the battlefield of Point Pleasent.

These next picture is of the Myth of the Moth Man. Legend has it that a few people saw the half moth half man right before the Silver Bridge fell and blame the fault on him. It's not really true, but people still believe this Myth. The next picture is of Dan steering a boat.

This last picture is what is left of the Sliver Bridge! pretty crazy!! We had a great time! We had a great visit and a great dinner all together before we left our seperate ways.




Dwarf Hamsters

Dan was so upset with Midnight dieing, that I had to do something for him. I told him I would get him a new bunny or we can even get some fish! He agreed and we went to the pet store! He thought about another bunny and then said "I don't want to kill another one, I want to start out small". Then we looked at fish, but when we found out how much it was for everything we said we can get them later! So we looked at hampsters! Dan said "this what I want! This is perfect for me right now! Its small, and it fits in our appartment too!" So we got 2! Dan is happy again, they are so cute and life is great again!
The only thing is Sadie (our cat) loves them even more then we do! She watches them like a hawk! Whenever I am looking for her or call her I check our room first and there she is laying on the floor watching them play. hee! hee! It's crazy but cute.


In Memroy of Midnight "Our beloved Bunny"

Midnight~Born May 2007 and died April 2008. Rachel bought Midnight for Dan when Midnight was a baby to keep Dan company while he was in Charleston. He lived a full year of life that reached a tragic end.
Sunday he was ok or so it seemed , and alive from what we saw! Then suddenly, Monday night came and almost went but midnight didn't make it. We were in the middle of cleaning our room (it needed cleaned very bad) when Dan found him stiff as a board laying in his cage. He was still a little warm!
He served his purpose well by helping Dan in his time of need and will always be remembered as one of the best gifts Dan had ever recieved. He and Dan went through a lot together.
We had a short but sweet little funeral and buried him away in the dumpster because we had no shovels. He is in a better place now chewing on the think grass and clover in heaven.

Midnight finished his work here on earth for a job well done! For that we will ever be grateful!

We love you Midnight and we will miss you a lot!!