Camping Trip

Dan has been having a very stressful and depressing month with work. I decided he needed a break. Dan wanted to go camping to get away from everything. I told him that would be fine with me.
We went to Abrams Creek, which is close to Mt Storm, only an hour and a half from Fairmont. It't not too bad! It has just about all you need to a camp site, just have to bring your things you want. We did forget blankets, and pillows, but made due with the sleeping bags we brought.
We had a blast, except when Rachel had to go to the bathroom 3-4 times in the middle of the night. LOL!!!
We went swimming at the Mt Storm Lake, tried to fish too but never caught anything, played card games, ate nice camping food, and just had a good time.
We are glad to be back where we have a bathroom and a nice bed. LOL!!


Ami and I got a pedicure done right before I went camping with Dan. I took a picture of my feet to show what I got done. We had a nice time, although I got lost and got there later then I wanted to. I just had bad directions! Frustrating! By the time I got there Ami was almost done with her's. When I got mine done we went to the outlet stores. I bought some CROCS for Dan and I for our weekend get away trip. We had a good time. Then Off I went to go camping!


Columbus Ohio Temple Trip

Dan and I have been having a stressful month, with work and everything else. I wanted to go to the temple before I had our baby Macy. We decided to go to the Columbus Ohio temple. I think it felt like a year since we had gone before. We just seemed to be so busy we couldn't go.
Of course you always have that stressful day before where nothing goes right. We also had the stressful morning when we left and thought maybe we shouldn't go.
We went anyways!
We have friends that live in Parkersburg, so we stayed with them Friday night. They let us sleep in there nice bed and made us breakfast in the morning.
We went to the Temple Saturday afternoon. It was amazing! We received an answer to our prayers and felt great the rest of the day!
Dan then took me to Ohio State University, where he attened school there for a year. We drove around the campus and he showed me where he use to live. That was a neat. After that nice tour, we drove home. We really had a great time and are both happy to have gone one last time before the baby comes.


Our fishing trip was in Pleasent Valley Falls. We didn't find one thing in that water. We only went for about an hour and decided to leave. It was a beautiful day though. We were going to go look at some houses after we fished for an hour, but the houses fell through and went off the market the day before. So we decided to go swimming in Morgantown (because we have passes). So we went home to look for our swim suits and realized we had left them in Nabraska. Oops. So we ended up at home eating junk food, playing games, and watching a movie for the rest of the day. We were so bumbed we didn't want to go or do anything else. The day ended up to being very depressing. At least the fishing was fun.