Dan changes my car blinker light

What a man he is. It was snowing outside and getting really cold too! He said I could put up some Christmas lights and he would change my left blinker light that was all rusted and stopped working.
When I went out to check on him and he was just about done. He was listening to Christmas music from the car radio as he was working. I thought it was so cute. I had to make it a kodak moment if you know what I mean!


Our first REAL Christmas Tree!

Last night we went to a garden center where they were selling Real Christmas Tree's, which Dan and I both really love! We found the perfect one all wrapped up and ready to be put in our car! We went to Walmart to buy some decorations for the tree as well. When we got home we decorated the tree and watched elf. We had such a fun time together! Now we have the smell of the lovely pine tree in our living/family room. I took a picture of the tree when we were finally done. Let me know what you think.



We went to Dan's Grandms's place to be with her for a very nice Thanksgiving lunch! After we visited with her, we went home to our my parents house for a Thanksgiving dinner. We had Mom and Dad Amrine over as well!
What a great way to spend the Holidays, when you can have your family live so close you are able to have it together.
We ate about 4pm, watched Walie the Disney movie, and we played phase 10 together. After the games we had yummy pumpkin pie, chocolate, coconut, and banana cream pies. That was greatness.
We are now very excited to get together again for the Christmas Holiday spirt, to be able to see even more family and have more fun and games together like past years!


Our Apartment House

Since some of you have not seen our home I was thinking I could show it to you. It has a few things wrong with it like floors likes to dip here and there and aren't straight, cracks in the walls, no dishwasher, or garbage disposal, but I got the hard wood in the kitchen now. It's not what we want to have for the rest of our life, but we are happy for now! We can't wait for a house though!