Happy Birthday Dan!!

For Dan's Bithday we went to Pittsburgh to see the lion king play. It was good, but we were thinking it was going to be better. We thought the costumes were a bit wierd and decided that we liked the movie better. hee hee. On our way there we got lost trying to find the hotel. They had no signs for it, so we were running late. An hour later with a frustrated husband we find it. We didn't have time to go to a nice restorant before the show. :( we did however, in a hurry, have time to eat something before we got in. feew!! We made it! When we sat down at our nice orchestra seats, I had a tall man sit in front of me so I couldn't see for half the play! :( yeah that was a bummer but intermission we switched seats so we could both see! All in all we really did still have a blast!


Our Wedding Picture!

Our Wedding Day!

On the day of the wedding I was a mess! Daniel kept coming over and I was not even near ready. I told him to go get me some hose, even though I didn't need them! HEE HEE HEE HEE! when he was done I told him to go home for a while and hang out with his parents. he said he didn't want to. well then I said hey I am not ready I am really nervous and please go home for a little bit. I felt so sick I thought I would loose it. Well I finally finished and told him to pick me up. we went off without my family (who were still getting ready). about half way to the temple we endding up stopping for me so I can throw up. I guess I was a lot nervous. We bought some orange juice and nuts to snack on the rest of the way. We finally made it to the temple and prepared for the wedding. We had to wait 2-3 hours for my grandparents to get here because they had made a wrong turn and got lost. By the time our ceramony was over (which was amazing), it was about 5pm and we were supose to have gotten married at 2pm. oops! so we took just a few pictures at the temple because the sun was setting. this is one of the prettest pictures I have seen.


Rachel's Bridal Story

Unlike most brides, I did not go to the beauty salon to get her hair, nails, and toes done. Instead I had my mother do the work for my wedding and bridal pictures. We were both able to save money this way and I still looked pretty good for my pictures.
I was able to go to the Friary in Morgantown,WV to take these pictures. It was very cold that day, if you can't tell in my pictures, that I couldn't feel my hands. They turned out really well. So take a look at these pictures and tell me what you think!



Dan and Rachel's First Christmas Together!

We had the best time together. Dan got home from work early and met me at the grocery store so we could pick out some food for dinner. Then we went home and made ham and corn chowder together with juice to drink. We then watche the Christmas Story together. Then we opened our gifts and stockings that we got each other. We also had stocking for our bunny and cat. they got toys to play with and some nice snacks. The following day we traveled to Morgantown for Christmas with our families. We had a great time together and will never forget our first Christmas together.