That's right, we no longer live in Charleston but, in Fairmont. Boy are we pumped up in this area. We love it so much more! The ward here is so great, we are closer to home, and Dan doesn't have to drive too far to get to work either!
Although we would like to be living in our own home, right now we live upstairs in a 2 bedroom house apartment that will have to do. It had a lot of things that we want to fix around it and imagine even buying it to fix it up! But the house does have it's problems and, we would probably be putting in more money in then it is worth. We have a huge back yard that we share, a basement we share for laundry, a garage that we share (so we have a lot of storage), and much more space which is why we got it!
Our nieghborhood is so quite and friendly! Lisa, her mother, and her son live downstairs and are very friendly to us. They are thinking of moving in the fall though. We also have a police man across the street, and a teacher next door! It is a very safe area which we are happy about!
The only down fall is we are in charge of mowing the lawn(which dan does)(it gives him good exercise), we don't have a garbage disposal, no dish washer, and have carpet in the kitchen which we are trying to get ride of!
So for now this place is good enough! we like it and are feeling more comfortable every day here.