Our new place

Being Thanksgiving and all we wanted to let everyone know how blessed we have been. We are happy to still be close to family and friends! Macy is healthy and growing fast. She is so big as you can see in the pictures. She is a happy little girl with lots of laughs and smiles and more to come.
We are looking forward to the holiday seasons so we can be around family more often and enjoy our time together.

We didn't get the house we wanted but we still ended up with a really nice place to stay in until something else comes up. We live on the main floor, with a huge patio!! Actually the house is 6000 sq feet and we only get 1200 sq feet of it, that have 10 foot ceilings. So you can see that it is really big!! We even have a little bit of a yard in the front. We have been happy here.



2 weeks before Halloween and we decided to carve pumkins for family night. So we turned on some scary music and started carving. We tried to bake the seeds but it was very late when we got done so I sooked them for a few nights and baked them later in the week. The pumkins ended up dieing before Halloween night so we got 2 more and cute them out a few days before. We had a good time, it just seemed like time went by way too fast.

A week befor Halloween we went to Rich's fright farm, while Louise watched Macy for us. I was the first time we had done anything alone since Macy was born. We ended up taking Aaron with us so he could go with his friends. We had so much fun. I remember taking Aaron and his friend home listening to what they were talking about and listening to what Dan and I were talking about. I realized we sounded so much older as we were talking and wondering how Macy was doing, and they were talking about how much fun they had, had. boy oh boy, i am old when we start sounding like parents. LOL

Halloween came and we all had family pictures done together. Later that night we all went trick or treating. Macy dressed up as a bumble bee (for Jim). She was so cute.


Macy's Blessing

For Macy's blessing the whole family came to church to listen and help out. Dan did such a great job for his first child. It was short, but very sweet and very good. I had tears in my eyes. I was very proud of him. After church we all went to mom's for dinner and to hang out with fam. It was an exciting day for us all.