Our Trip to Nabraska

It was a long trip for us all! Louise, Dan, and I all drove down together for David and kyra's wedding. On the way there we took two days to travel to take our time. On the drive home we had to rush it, because it was Sunday and Monday was work for Louise and Dan. So we drove all the way from NE to WV in 18 hours! I don't know how I made it, but I do know I was sleeping a lot of the trip back! Louise and Dan told me I did a very good job traveling. Of course, I was very appreciative of them for letting me stop every hour and a half or two for bathroom breaks. Let's just say it was a long drive back! We left at 8am WV time and got home around 2:30am Monday.

If you would like to see what I wrote on each picture you need to point your mouse on each picture on the side show. Enjoy everyone!


David's Wedding

David and Kyra's wedding was beauiful, as was the reception. We had a lot of family come to celebrate it, which made it a lot of fun! I didn't get any pictures of the Picnic dinner after the wedding, but it was just a picnic. everyone played games, Dan and I went for a walk by the lake, we ate hamburgers, hot dogs, and all that BBQ food, We visited with family, and after it was all over, we cleaned up and went home.

Our First Crib!

When we went to the 4th of July Family Reunion, we picked up a crib we found from craigslist.com. We got home and put it together the next day. This is the Crib we got! We love it! The rocking chair was given to us from Jim and Louise Amrine. I asked them for that for my Baby Shower gift, so that is what they gave me. Plus a few other idems. I love them both! What do you think??

The Waldron's 4th of July Family Reunion

This was our family reunion with just our family on the fourth of July. We had a blast at Ami and Chris's house grilling away all kinds of food and fun games like the pinata to play. Of course once it got to Aaron it was pretty much beat up, so Lauren cracked it open and us older kids missed the opportunity to take a wack at it. We also went to the park and watched the boys play baseball, which is one of Dan's favorite sports to play! When it got dark and we finished eating, we went on a train to downtown Pittsburgh and saw an amazing firework show. It was a good day for us all.
If you notice in the pictures, Dan's hair is really short. I cut it short for the summer not thinking it would be that short, but messing up really makes you cut a bunch off. LOL1 Anyways he loved it. Now that it is going into Fall, Dan would like to have his hair a little longer. LOL!

Girls Camp 2009

This was Girls Camp. What else do I need to say. You get the point!
Na, I just have to say since I was pregnant this time, I was very hot! Every night I turned on the AC down to 60 making it cold or everyone in the room, but me. I was HOT! The girls complained a little bit, but would say it's ok, she's pregnant. She is aloud to. But it was funny looking at the girls in the morning and seeing the sleeping bags over there heads and blankets on top of the sleeping bags. Waking up they would say, It's cold, (or) It's Freezing in here, when I would think it felt perfect! LOL! That was my story for Girls Camp! It was fun though! Now all the girls want me to come back so they can see the baby. I don't know if I would be able to do that, but we will see. LOL :)