New Years Eve at the Waldron's

Dan Fixed Dads old Violin!!

Dan had a great idea for Christmas this past year. He saw my dads old violin from when he was in school, back in the day, but had every piece missing from it that he needed to play. Even the bow was bad. Dan took both my old one and dads to a music store to see how much it would be to fix them up. Mine was worped and made poorly but dads just need some parts for it to play. It was a little more then we could afford, so Dan had the crazy idea of fixing it himself. Although he had never done it before, he plays very well and knows a lot about them. He got advice from the music stores and ordered the tools online to fix it up. I took apart my violin and used the pieces for dads. That way we didn't have to pay for any parts. To make a long store short, he put dads violin together, played it to see if it worked and we went off new years eve and gave it to him. It wasn't done professionally, but it still worked ok! Good Job Dan!!