My feelings about our Country

I believe this Country is under attack with Government. We are in serious trouble and if we don't stop this governemnt will take control of everything. What happened to Freedom of speach and of Religion? We can take it back, we still have time if we act now. We have triomphed before and we can see it happening again as the people fight back to get the good congrass back.

No one can hurt our Country because God is with us, and He will help us if we are rightous. Us Americans will deffit everything that comes in our path. We will not fail! We are not a failing Country! We will concore all and be better off then we were yesterday!

This County is the best thing that has happened to our world. If we loose this we are in serious trouble.

But as God is my witness I will not let this country fail. I am going to try to do everything right so we can once again enjoy peace in this life once again. This is my Country and I won't see if fall!

New Year, New Me

I have such a good feeling about this year already! I am so excited to be able to start this year out right after a hard last year. It seems now that everything is finally getting put in place. I feel happy, I started a workout routine, I have the gospel in my life, I am reading the scriptures every night with my family, I have a wonderful husband that loves me and keeps me safe and protects me, and I have a lovely little girl who is getting bigger each day. I couldn't have been blessed more. This just couldn't be better.