This Wednesday we had a Church trunk or treat activity. Played Games inside, then went out to the cars to give out candy! This is how Dan and I showed up. We wanted to be vampires. our makeup kind of changed color on us while at the church, but it was still a lot of fun!


Baking Day!

I need to do laundry today, so in between loads I decieded to try something new. I tried to make my first Halloween cake. baked a cake and made frosting. then I had a pumkin stencil decorate the top of the cake. I also wanted to make some bread. It was a very cold day as you can tell.

Relief Society Retreat!

As Sisters we Unite
Adrinana and I

Group playing Totsie Roll Spoons

Kim and I

Louise Jane and I as bed buddies

Jim teaching us about nature

Mary and I

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

Questie and I

WVU Football Game

Dan got some free tickets and free parking pass from his work to the Marshall, WVU Football game. We had to go! It was a lot of fun. We left 7 minutes early because of traffic and got home in a good time. At first we thought it was going to be such a boring game and we thought we were going to loose. But late first half they started to kick butt! It was one of the best games we could have picked to watch. We WON!!!


Dogers VS Pirates

Dogers kicked the Pirates Bottom!

Poor Dan, he wanted the pirates to win!

It was good for Rachel though, she loves seeing the Dogers win!

We had a blast though and loved every min of it!

Rachels Birthday

For Rachel's Birthday mom was out of town visiting her mother and call her and wouldn't be home until later that evening. Dad called her and wished her a happy birthday.

Then told her if she wanted to come over for cake and ice cream he would make me a cake and get ice cream. This is my dads cake that he made for me! that is awesome! My dad rocks!

So she went home for her fathers cake that he made for her.
All the family sang to Rachel and had a party!

Dan took her to the temple that Friday.

Then to the Baltimore aquirium Saturday. We didn't know there was suppose to be a tropical storm that day and got a little wet! We get to Baltimore park walk outside only to find our unbrella went up and over few times from the wind, we almost got blown away as well, but eventually made it inside! We saw the dalphin show, the 4D film, and a bunch of other things.

Then we went to the cheesecake factory for lunch/dinner.

When we got to the hotel we watched baseball and ate our cheese cake for dessert.


Nate's Wedding

Dan and I having a great time at the wedding!
Jessica and Nathan at the reception. such a cute couple!
Nathan and Jessica cutting the cake!
What a crazy family this is!!

Who are those women? sexy beasts!