Our 1st Anniversary! Nov. 23, 2007

Our first Anniversary and all is well! I gotta just tell you a little bit of how sweet a guy Dan is to me. We had plans to pick him up at the airport on Friday from being in Houston all week (He was planing on getting me a coat from Houston for our Anniversary, but they didn't have the one he was going to get me when they said they did). We would have dinner at Benihana's Resturant, sleep over at Ami's house, and go to the Zoo the next day. He had plans to take me behind the seens to feed and pet the animals, because he knew how much I love them. Then we would go home after that fun and exciting day.
Well, we went to the Resturant Friday, Saturday it turned out to be 20 degrees, cold, and wet. The Zoo wouldn't work out. The behind the seens was a good idea which I loved, but turned out to be $1600. It wasn't open to the public, so it feel through. But how nice of a man to try to do that for me!!!
We got a free pass to the museum from Ami to use, so we saw the T-Rex exhibit. That was fun, then we had lunch there and left.
We drove for a good half hour or hour after that trying to find the strip district, finally found it and couldn't find a parking spot for another half hour. That was our life that day, and Dan was getting really frustrated. When we finally made it, it turned out to be a lot of fun. We went to the Sea Food Store and bought too much...fish, shrimp, decided to try rabbit, and a few other things. We went to a sausage store and got some salami, and then we basically went home and watched our first season of 24 that we had just got.
Sunday we both had to teach our classes, I had 2 classes to teach and it wasn't really fun, but I think Dan did ok. We left right after church.
We made a nice lunch/dinner for us with fish, rice, potatoes, and veggies.
We tried our cake that had been frozen forever, and it suprised us how yucky it really was. The frosting was gross, the rest of the cake didn't taste as bad. I don't know about how all yours turned out, but mine didn't turn out as well as we thought it would.
Dan was so excited to try it for the longest time that when we did try it, he was disappointed. After that we watched more 24 and ate some snacks while laying on our couch bed.
He ordered me a coat and got me flowers and a big chocolate bar for my gift and I got him a CTR ring and an angel moroni tie tack.
Our Anniversary was funny and sad at the same time. Though our plans didn't really work out the way they had, we had a good time and next year hopefully will be better!


Hair Cut

My very first time trying to cut hair and I did an ok job! I didn't cut the top because Dan wants it longer in the front. It not perfect but Dan was a good sport with me and actually wanted me to give it a try. He said "If you mess up you can always buzz it". I didn't want that to happen so I am glad it worked out ok! The hair cut is the mushroom style that my brothers had growing up.