Columbus Ohio Temple Trip

Dan and I have been having a stressful month, with work and everything else. I wanted to go to the temple before I had our baby Macy. We decided to go to the Columbus Ohio temple. I think it felt like a year since we had gone before. We just seemed to be so busy we couldn't go.
Of course you always have that stressful day before where nothing goes right. We also had the stressful morning when we left and thought maybe we shouldn't go.
We went anyways!
We have friends that live in Parkersburg, so we stayed with them Friday night. They let us sleep in there nice bed and made us breakfast in the morning.
We went to the Temple Saturday afternoon. It was amazing! We received an answer to our prayers and felt great the rest of the day!
Dan then took me to Ohio State University, where he attened school there for a year. We drove around the campus and he showed me where he use to live. That was a neat. After that nice tour, we drove home. We really had a great time and are both happy to have gone one last time before the baby comes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel...dad and I are going to the Columbus temple this weekend. I'm grateful you didn't let anything keep you from going and that you had a great time there. Love ya, Mom