IT has been a crazy month

It has been a really crazy month.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun with the family all around. We had our famous girls only tradition of cooking while watching the macys parade. The boys went and played football while we cooked. We had an awesome meal and got to share what we were thankful for while we ate. Then we had our yummy dessarts. It was nice to have to whole family together cause we don't get that too often. Families are special and we are very close, so anytime we can get together memories are shared and not forgotten.

Ami, Amanda, Mom, and I did our tradtional shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We all meet at Target and then shopped around Walmart. We had a blast together like we always do. Holidays are fun when you are around your family, you can't beat that any day!

We went to ohio that weekend with dans parents to visit there grandma and uncle. Grandma evans and uncle mark loved macy so much. grandma evans held baby macy for a good while. Dan and I got to see the new moon with his uncle. It was kind of cheesy but good.

Dan I and macy got to go to vienna, va for a class that dan had to go to for work. While he was in his class, macy and I went to the dc zoo. I got really lost as I was trying to find it, but eventually found it and had a good time. The only thing was that a lot of the exhibits were closed. Then I got lost on the way back. The kicker is that I had this tom tom that I had just bought to show me how to get there and it lead me to the right place, I just never saw the enterance. So after an hour I finally realized the stupid tom tom was right all along and I got myself lost. LOL-well it wasn't funny when it was happening, but I can laugh at it now.
We also took a drive to the tysons corner mall the next day, and after a half hour I finally figured out how to turn on the right street to get to the mall. I kept missing the street or I was in the wrong lane and it was very hard to turn around. Well we enjoyed walking around that huge mall, and got a lot of exercise. Let me tell you, there was a ton of stores and 3 stories in some places. It was a lot of fun just window shopping, too bad macy couldn't really enjoy it too much. She slept a lot of the time.

A week ago we got a christmas tree. It was the day I found out macy had an ear infection. on our way home that night we stopped at a christmas place and dan got out of the car and picked a tree for us, since it was raining and all I stayed in the car with macy. It was also kind of dark outside. When we got the tree home dan tryed to put it on the stand we had and the tree stand broke. We tryed to straighten it and the tree feel to the floor like in the movies when the tree falls. it was funny, but scary. LOL! Dan went to walmart and bought a new stand and a cover for it.

Yesterday Dan was coming home from work and was driving through a bad traffic accident. He was on the highway for 2 hours moving really slow. Then when he finally got off the highway the cavilier's died in the middle of the road. We found out the clutch feel to pieces and killed the car. Now we had to get a new car, which is awesome, but I don't really want to spend this time looking for a car. We now have 8 days before Christmas and we have to get a car. It is for the best though. we needed one anyways. It was going to die soon enough, it just choose now to do it.

All in all, we are having a fun time. I guess you can say a lot has been going on. We have all been sick with a cold/flu thing that is going around. I just hope we get better before Christmas next week. We hope you all enjoy your Christmas and have a great new years eve. I will write more later, perhaps next year! LOL! TAA TAA for now.


Tara, Doug, and Isaac said...

How cool that you got to get lost in my old hometown! I'm from Vienna, VA and I lived about five minutes from Tyson's Corner. And getting to the zoo is a nightmare. Good job finding it:).

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